Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper works hard to keep the big ball rolling. With over 23 years of IT experience, his expertise in marketing, search engine optimization, software development and web development is what drives the organization. After graduating from Gwinnett Tech with honors, he’s completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology online at the University of Phoenix and has his eye on the Masters of Internet Technology program at the University of Georgia.


Melanie works behind the scenes on planning and strategic development. A UGA graduate with dozens of years of marketing experience, her expertise is invaluable to the future of the company.

Spencer Healy

Spencer served in the USMC from 2000 to 2004 as a SGT in Logistics and completed his degree in Computer Simulation at Gwinnett Tech. Spencer is part of our Technical Team where his endless creativity, dedication and imagination will help our customer’s businesses soar to new heights!

Peyton Holland

Peyton will be graduated in June 2012 with a degree in computer science/video game development. Peyton is part of our SEO team where his knowledge of effective writing and background in computer science will bring our clients success.



Rachel is our resident genius graphic artist and video editor. With a degree in Fine Arts from Georgia Southern, she is currently shopping schools for her Masters degree (that’s MFA, which means Might Fine Artwork!)