6 important things about your website’s 15 seconds of fame


andy-warholAndy Warhol once said “In the future, everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame.” He was right! But today, it’s more like fifteen seconds.

People will make a judgment on your website in 15 seconds or less. It’s really just a VERY brief moment!

As business owners, we’re told to prepare our “elevator speech” – our fifteen second presentation about what our company does. What does your website say in that 15 seconds?

IMAGE – Is your website displaying a professional image? Some of our customers come to us and their website looks like it was done in the 90s. What’s even more laughable is that they will say “I like it!”. That’s why our clients come to us – for the truth – and we don’t sugar coat it. You HAVE to trust professionals to do their job and part of that job is giving the client a professional image that says “I mean business” NOT “I saved a bunch of money having my brother-in-law build my website”.

MESSAGE – What is the primary message that you want to convey? Now is the time to say it! Don’t bury that messages down EVEN ONE LAYER! Place it prominently on your home page. DON’T BE SHY – get in their face and deliver your message. You’re in business because you have a passion for something that you’ve been called to do. Now, all you need to do is to let them see that passion. Open up and BE HONEST – people dig integrity and sincerity.

ACTIVITY – Many times a customer will come to us after having spent a boatload of money for a custom site and it’s a porcelain doll. Beautiful and lifeless. Your website must convey that your company is MOVING! There is something going on here! If it’s been more than a month and something hasn’t changed on your website, you aren’t working it and your visitors will know it.

VIDEO – Are you REALLY talking to your visitor? Video is the medium of choice for our generation. We were raised on TV and we like receiving information in a laid back, casual manner. People may now read your material for 30 seconds, but they’ll watch a 30 second video! What a great way to engage your visitor and deliver your message!

LANGUAGE – Watch your language! Sure, you want your potential customers to understand that you know what you’re talking about and you want your industry peers to respect your work BUT, do your customers understand your message? Be cautious about using technical jargon if your audience won’t get it. When in doubt, return to the lowest common denominator.

CALL TO ACTION – Finally, without a call to action all of this is just a big waste of time and money! You should have a call to action on every page and on every post! You want to engage that visitor. Most of all, you want to begin a relationship with them. INVITE them! The best way to make a friend, is to BE a friend. So, reach your virtual hand out and let them know that you are interested in getting to KNOW them.

Buzz My Biz helps companies get found on the Internet and can help you with all of your online marketing goals.

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re: Employees bid goodbye to corporate America

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/money/workplace/story/2011/08/Employees-bid-goodbye-to-corporate-America/50059194/1

For those of you who know me, I am an avid reader. While most of my book reading has gone from novels to business books, I am a daily newshound and peruse AJC, USA Today, Fox, CNN and even a local community newspaper each and every morning.

One thing that caught my eye that I truly enjoyed was the above titled article by Elizabeth Alterman with CNBC.com. In this article speaks of the high unemployment rate and the general dissatisfaction that workers today are experiencing with corporate America. The result of this, is that many are choosing to start their own business and venture out on their own thus, taking responsibility for the their own destiny rather than leave that in the hands of their bosses.

Buzz My Biz provides SEO services and website development for many small businesses can be particularly effective when it comes to startupsentrepreneurs with a great idea and a little capital to get things going.

Many times, entrepreneurs will seek out a cheaper way to get their website built (we affectionately call this the “brother-in-law” method) and they end up less than impressed but continue to use the website for fear of offending a family member.

On the other end of the spectrum, some pay big bucks for a custom website design only to find out that they aren’t getting any traction whatsoever from their website. Now hear this – no one cares if you have a custom website! As long as you present a professional image it matters not if some one else across the country or across town is using the same template as you are.

What matters is content and CONTENT IS KING. It’s not easy, believe me I know because I find that I am committing resources much more to work on content for clients than work on our own content. Ever heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”?

Buzz My Biz can help get your startup off the ground. We’ll make sure that when your website goes live, it’s optimized, submitted to all the major search engines and talk with you about your options on how to drive qualified traffic to your website and convert those leads to sales. Just click the link below and let’s get started!

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Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come


iStock_000015046542XSmallWhen you started your website you may have had high aspirations of it’s success. You made contingency plans for what happened when you began to receive an onslaught of orders. You had dreams of hiring a huge staff or outsourcing fulfillment to cover the huge demand.

But none of that happened. Why not, you ask? You had a professional design firm craft your website. Maybe you spent A LOT of money on your website and it looks great, has got all kinds of cool graphics, bells and whistles – but there’s no traffic.

When you search Google or other search engines, your site comes right up – if you type in the company name. But what happens if you type in a generic search term related to your business like “ac repair” (NOTE: Google now recognized your location automatically). Does your air conditioning service company show up then? (Naturally, change these terms to suit your business). If not, you are literally INVISIBLE on the Internet.

That’s where Buzz My Biz can help. First, we’ll look at your existing website and make recommendations. After a thorough interview with you, we’ll determine what keywords are applicable to your business and narrow it down to three “trophy keywords” that you want to rank for without fail. Then we’ll examine what metrics and reporting tools you currently have and discuss how we may be able to help you in this area as well. Finally, once your work is completed, we’ll schedule a monthly call to review your website’s analytics, examining the strengths and the weaknesses and form a strategy for the following month.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Call or click today.

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Why traditional outbound marketing is dead(er than a doornail)

Say a prayer for traditional marketing – may it never return. Why, you say? Traditional marketing is outbound – designed to touch consumers and entice them to purchase or make some other call to action.

In the information age, consumers shun outbound, traditional marketing. We reject direct mail (we now call this “junk mail”). We hate (read “absolutely deplore”) unsolicited email. So much to the point that we’ve actually badgered Congress into making it a law (CAN SPAM Act of 2003). In retrospect, it has done little to ebb the tidal wave of SPAM which floods our inboxes each day. This, of course, makes it all the more challenging for legitimate marketing efforts, who follow the law, not to be confused.

Newspapers are dying so only in rare circumstances does this even allow a small business owners to break even. And DON’T EVEN THINK of calling consumers!

We have entered the age of inbound marketing – marketing that reaches out but doesn’t touch. The bait is planted and hungry consumers who are seeking your relevant information welcome finding what you have so richly shared.

Today, our society is more Utopian than Utilitarian. Rather than hoard our information, we generously share our knowledge about our technology and our industry (whatever yours may be). As a result, you are viewed as a subject matter expert (both by the consumer and the search engines) and that results in more leads and more sales.

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Are you making Online Marketing a priority in your marketing strategy?

Make online marketing a priority!Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® wrote about the importance of writing lists of priorities. If you run your business like most of us, you probably have a list of A, B, and C priority tasks. Where does Online Marketing sit on your list? Is it a top priority or one of those things you know you really need to do but keep putting it off?
Maybe you asked a high school or college student to take care of it for you, because you just don’t think it’s all that important.

If your Online Marketing isn’t an ‘A’ priority you are making a big financial mistake. Social media has become a major part of today’s commercial and business landscape. Take a look at these facts.

• 73% of all online users now use one or more social media sites
• 87% of consumers trust a friends recommendation over a critic’s review
• A solid Online Marketing Strategy can start producing results in 3 months or less.

Online Marketing is more than just an advertising platform. It’s the new town square. If you use the online community correctly you can make relationships, promote your business, and increase your bottom line.

• Nurture relationships with friends and business connections.
• Expand your market reach.
• Pinpoint your focus and market to your most likely customers.
• Keep current with all your important contacts.

It’s time to put social marketing on your ‘A’ list so your business can reap the benefits.

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Why newspaper ads are a waste of money for your business

The distinguished Pew Internet Research Center explains it best when they say “declines in daily newspaper circulation are unprecedented and precipitous” and “In the past year newspapers, including online, saw revenues from ads fall 26%. Over the past three years the total loss has been 43%”. (Source: Pew Internet Research Center)

So why would an business owner put money into newspaper advertising?

  • “That’s the way we’ve always done it. ” Fear of the unknown is perhaps the greatest fear we can experience. Sometimes we would rather endure the ineffective rather than reach for something greater and risk failure.
  • “We do get some results”. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. If we really looked at the numbers over a long term period we would be able to see that the cost of customer acquisitions through newspaper ads are rising as the rates of subscribers continue to decline.

Follow the leaders – they are seldom wrong

If we look at the direction of large retailers and corporate giants, it’s easy to see that they have slashed traditional media budgets and have invested heavily in new media outlets. Why? Because they have millions riding on their decisions. They have dozens upon dozens on Ivy League MBAs who have deduced the obvious – print advertising doesn’t pay.


Small and medium sized business, more than anyone, know the value of a dollar and how precious and hard won your money is.

You have to make decisions based on what is going to give you the most bang for the buck and, the fact is, online marketing is what can change the direction of your website and your business.


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How long will it take for my website to go from dud to stud?

How long before my pages rank well in Google?

How long before my pages rank well in Google?

This is probably one of our all-time favorite questions! Improving PageRank to where you now rank for search terms which you previously did not will take time to do it correctly. The good news is, that you should see continuous improvement from where you started.

A lot depends on your industry, the strength of your competitors, how long they have been online and how long you have been online.

Remember, that Google is like a librarian and wants to make a valid recommendation. Although you may be doing everything right, a competitor who has been online for a few years longer than you and doing it all right as well is going to be a formidable foe to unseat.

The same hold true for particular crowded search terms. For example, personal injury lawyer, in almost ANY demographic area can be extremely difficult to achieve a suitable ranking. Your Implementation Specialist will inform you of any challenges which are unique to your particular industry or territory.

Occasionally, you may want to supplement your organic search results with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns in order to remain competitive among entrenched players.

The main thing to remember, is that the Internet provides a pretty level playing field where almost any company can form a strategy to rank well on search engine result pages (SERP) in a reasonable amount of time.

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Tribe Marketing – What’s your relationship status?

Our happiness comes from the quality of our relationships... and it's no difference in business.
Our happiness comes from the quality of our relationships… and it’s no different in business.

Become a member of my tribe

In human society, we are part of a community. Our family, our job, our friends from school or church – these all are groups in which we network and exchange information about ourselves and others.

Today, much of our socializing can be done online. It was estimated in April 2010 that 41% of Americans had a Facebook account and Facebook was receiving almost 140 million unique visits each month (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook)

When it comes to seeking advice on providers of a product or service, we tend to trust the advice of our friends and family first. In the past, we may have consulted a small number of trusted friends. Today, through the use of social media, we can ask advice from our entire network of friends and family. In return, our friends and family ask nothing except maybe the same in return some day. WOW! It’s a marketer’s dream!

How do you get your company’s name, products and/or services in the loop? Simple – be a friend. Treat your customers well. Provide information that gives them an insight into the technology behind what your company does. Get them to join your tribe.

The quality of our relationships is directly proportional to our happiness. The stronger our relationships our with our customers, the tighter our bond is and the less likely that customer will go elsewhere for the products and/or services your company provides. By focusing on relationship marketing rather than “pitching” your product or service, you gain more than a customer – you gain a friend.

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What is the bottom line in search engine marketing? Establishing your company as a Subject Matter Expert!

Buzz My Biz turns YOU into a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT

Not really. The fact is, you already ARE a Subject Matter Expert. The problem is, no one knows it. Well, you might say “I don’t need to impress anyone”. And you couldn’t be more wrong. There IS someone you need to impress and her name is GOOGLE.

Think of the Internet as a library and Google is the librarian. Naturally, Google wants to give the absolute best recommendation possible. Therefore, Google must be very selective. Google wants to recommend a Subject Matter Expert – an authority on the topic.

What criteria does Google use to determine a Subject Matter Expert?

The algorithm Google uses to determine PageRank is a closely guarded secret which is constantly being changed and refined. Google is constantly trying to sort out the “good guys” from the “bad guys”. The “bad guys” use ” black hat SEO techniques (search engine optimization techniques considered unethical) in order to try to fool Google and give their website an inflated PageRank. The “good guys” (FYI, Buzz My Biz is one of the “good guys”) use industry acceptable practices called white hat SEO techniques.

Once Google determines that you are indeed a “good guy”, the Googlebot (an automated program which scans and indexes websites throughout the world) carefully examines your site to determine relevancy (whether your content truly matches the description of your page, the page title, header tags and more…) and grants additional weight to your website based on factors such as length of time your domain has been online, number of inbound links (links from other relevant sites indicating that your content has great value) and looks carefully at your internal links, words which are bolded and other factors of which we can only guess.

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“I can do it myself, can’t I?” Why building your own website isn’t enough.

We often are told “I can build a website myself” or “We’re already on Google” but…


Any knucklehead can build a website

Today, the technology exists where one doesn’t need to know much to secure your own domain name and build a website. Then when you search for your company name – Voila! You show up in the search results. This stuff isn’t that hard, right? WRONG!

Some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • If my company were involved in a serious legal matter, would I seek professional help?
  • If an employee were seriously injured, would I seek professional help?
  • If my company’s sales were riding on my website, would I seek professional help?

Of course, you would!

Many times we just don’t understand the underlying complexities enough to understand we need some outside help. A common failure of the entrepreneur is to take on too many tasks and try to handle tasks which are out of the realm of their core competencies.

Don’t commit online marketing suicide or shoot yourself in the foot!

  • Look at your website objectively.
  • What content needs to be added?
  • What would a customer think visiting your website?
  • Is there enough information so the website has some “meat”?
  • Is there constant activity taking place?
  • Is your website displayed in the search results when you type in some common search terms or is it just displayed when people type your company name?
  • How much traffic does your website have? Is that level increasing or decreasing?
  • What content are your website visitors looking at?
  • Do you have a dialogue with your customers?

If you’re not sure… Buzz My Biz can help – guaranteed!

We don’t have complicated, long-term contracts. We work month-to-month so we prove ourselves each and every month in a monthly conference call. We’ll go over the numbers in our report which tells you more information than you ever thought you could gather about your website visitors. If you don’t like the results – FIRE US!

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