CNN says Georgia ties Nevada for the #1 spot for small business startups and for good reason. Not only, as the article states, are there numerous universities churning out bright graduates regularly but, Atlanta seems to be a hot bed of entrepreneurial spirit.

What should small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups  look for when investing in a website for their new venture?

1) Deal with a reputable agency. Buzz My Biz (formerly known as has been helping small businesses grow since 2006. We’ve managed projects from mom & pop’s all the way to medium-sized businesses and full-blown e-commerce projects. You can trust our experience and expertise.

2) Choose a domain carefully. Most people want to run out and purchase a new domain with their company name. A couple of suggestions here – one idea is to grab a domain related to search terms that your users would search for. For example: Another suggestion is to buy an existing domain since one of the variables Google uses to rank is the age of the domain. Existing domains vary greatly in cost, so be careful about how much you spend but $200 would be a great deal on an existing domain.

3) Always use your domain email. Using the email address of your domain presents a professional image from the beginning. There’s nothing worse in my book, than a business that uses (or yahoo or hotmail or AOL). A limited number of emails is usually included in the hosting agreement so take advantage of that and begin using your corporate email address right away.

4) Trust the people you hire. When you hire experts, let them do their job. A classic fault of entrepreneurs is that we want our hands in EVERYTHING. This is one time to back off and defer judgment to people who do this everyday. We may love animated flaming torches on the front of the website but the people you hire know whether that will work for your potential customers or not.

5) WORK THAT THANG! I’ve often heard that a business plan is a living document. The same holds true for your website. The minute you claim “it’s done” is the beginning of it’s death. If you don’t have the time to maintain your website (remember it’s activity that tells your visitors it’s alive) hire an agency that will. Buzz My Biz offers affordable monthly plans that keep new, fresh content coming into your website – stuff the search engines love!

In conclusion, a website is your face to the world – at least until the meet you or your staff in person. Don’t you want to make that first impression a GREAT one?

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!