qr-codeIn my last post, I introduced you to the concept of using QR codes in your small business marketing strategy. In this post, I will discuss in greater details how to use mobile marketing for your small business.

As mentioned in my previous post, there are many ways to use QR codes. Some aspects of the mobile device that you can launch are:

  • Calendar
  • Contact Information
  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Geo Location
  • Phone Number
  • Display Text
  • URL


In each case, the phone will respond with the correct application. While all that seems very cool, I want you to look at these two QR codes below.

randy_cooper_contact_QR_CODE        QR-TGIF

While both of these are perfectly valid QR codes, notice the greater density of the QR code on the left versus the density of the QR code on the right. I point this out because the density is important because QR codes with greater density are harder for the QR code reader to decipher and will lead to a greater number of people who fail when attempting to scan your QR code. QR codes are great but few humans can read them!

With this in mind, take a look at these URLs and think about which would result in a QR code of greater or less density.




If you said the second one, you’re right! of course the less data you encode, the less density there will be. But let’s prove that by actually generating the QR code for each.

fox-theater-long   fox-theater-short

Now that we’ve proven the obvious, I should point out that both URLs go to the same location. Thus, I need to introduce you to the need for a URL shortener, such as Bit.ly . One of the advantages of Bit.ly is that, if you register and sign in, you can actually track the codes. If you know me, I am a stickler for metrics and always believe that if you can’t track it, it didn’t happen. Why is this important? Because your analytics may not be able to accurately determine the referring URL and properly associate this with your mobile marketing campaign. Then all you end up with is knowing that a certain page, video, etc. received X number of hits but you have know idea of how many of the mobile users were a direct result of your QR code campaign and how many were simply surfing your site on their mobile device.

Remember, CONTENT IS KING. If I’ve failed to mention this web constant recently, I’ve been in remiss. With this altruism in mind, BE SURE that your QR code points to mobile-friendly content. How dumb would it be that it doesn’t? Major brands (read BIG, BIG companies) have made this simple mistake and blown tens of thousands if not hundred of thousands of dollars and WORSE – publicly fallen on their face. NOT GOOD!

Lastly, make sure the content is relevant and useful for your user. THIS IS YOUR ONE SHOT! MAKE IT COUNT! If not, you may not get another opportunity.

Here’s your small business mobile marketing takeaways:


1) Create a quality QR code that, above all is readable by 99% of QR code readers.

2) Use URL shorteners to reduce the density of the QR code to improve readability.

3) Track your QR codes using some metrics. If you can’t track it, it didn’t happen.

4) Provide mobile users mobile content and send them to a something that looks FANTASTIC on their mobile device (regardless of what device that may be.

5) Content MUST be useful and relevant if you want them to scan your next QR code.

Buzz My Biz has been on the leading edge of introducing QR codes to small businesses and wants to help your small business achieve a successful mobile marketing campaign.

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!