It’s hard to believe, but almost 18 months ago the iPad was a product that no one needed. Tablets were deemed to be in a no man’s land – not powerful enough to replace a computer and not enough features to distinguish it from it’s smaller, lighter cousin the smartphone.

In less than two years, the iPad has defined a new category of computing and signaled the end of desktop computing as we’ve known it for almost thirty years. The iPad is the undisputed leader in the tablet market with not one strong competitor even able to mount a formidable challenge to it’s unbridled reign.

The iPad has gone from something no one really knew they even needed, to the most sought after high-tech indulgence one can possess. 25 million people can’t be wrong!

How does this impact your small business website?


1) Flash is dead, long live HTML – Prior to Steve Jobs departure, he let it be known – the iPad and the iPhone will never, ever support Flash (Adobe’s multimedia technology which has powered online video and animation for close to a decade). If your website is centered around using Flash, begin planning your redesign and get started on implementation as soon as reasonably possible.

2) Light is good – The faster your website can render onto a device, whether we’re talking about a desktop or a mobile device, the better! Once of the key elements of “web 2.0” is the minimal look. There’s no need to have huge graphics. With proper image optimization you can have images of whatever size you need without being bloated.

3) Format for Flow – When you are formatting pages and blog posts, keep in mind that they made be viewed on all types of devices. That means your perfect layout, may look absolutely horrible on the small screen. Test or on all sorts of devices. If you are lacking of devices, send a Facebook post out to your network asking for people to check it out.

4) Got an app for that! – Realize that not only may your content be rendered on different types of devices, your content may be viewed in a content aggregator like FlipBoard. What will your content look like?

5) Hi-Res or more like Pez? – Are your images blurry, fuzzy, or pixelated as a Pez Dispenser? They’re really going to look crappy on a high resolution device like an iPad. Replace poor quality images on frequently viewed older content and when purchasing new images, go ahead and get the hi-res versions for your new content. Your users will love you for it.

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