andy-warholAndy Warhol once said “In the future, everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame.” He was right! But today, it’s more like fifteen seconds.

People will make a judgment on your website in 15 seconds or less. It’s really just a VERY brief moment!

As business owners, we’re told to prepare our “elevator speech” – our fifteen second presentation about what our company does. What does your website say in that 15 seconds?

IMAGE – Is your website displaying a professional image? Some of our customers come to us and their website looks like it was done in the 90s. What’s even more laughable is that they will say “I like it!”. That’s why our clients come to us – for the truth – and we don’t sugar coat it. You HAVE to trust professionals to do their job and part of that job is giving the client a professional image that says “I mean business” NOT “I saved a bunch of money having my brother-in-law build my website”.

MESSAGE – What is the primary message that you want to convey? Now is the time to say it! Don’t bury that messages down EVEN ONE LAYER! Place it prominently on your home page. DON’T BE SHY – get in their face and deliver your message. You’re in business because you have a passion for something that you’ve been called to do. Now, all you need to do is to let them see that passion. Open up and BE HONEST – people dig integrity and sincerity.

ACTIVITY – Many times a customer will come to us after having spent a boatload of money for a custom site and it’s a porcelain doll. Beautiful and lifeless. Your website must convey that your company is MOVING! There is something going on here! If it’s been more than a month and something hasn’t changed on your website, you aren’t working it and your visitors will know it.

VIDEO – Are you REALLY talking to your visitor? Video is the medium of choice for our generation. We were raised on TV and we like receiving information in a laid back, casual manner. People may now read your material for 30 seconds, but they’ll watch a 30 second video! What a great way to engage your visitor and deliver your message!

LANGUAGE – Watch your language! Sure, you want your potential customers to understand that you know what you’re talking about and you want your industry peers to respect your work BUT, do your customers understand your message? Be cautious about using technical jargon if your audience won’t get it. When in doubt, return to the lowest common denominator.

CALL TO ACTION – Finally, without a call to action all of this is just a big waste of time and money! You should have a call to action on every page and on every post! You want to engage that visitor. Most of all, you want to begin a relationship with them. INVITE them! The best way to make a friend, is to BE a friend. So, reach your virtual hand out and let them know that you are interested in getting to KNOW them.

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