Make online marketing a priority!Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® wrote about the importance of writing lists of priorities. If you run your business like most of us, you probably have a list of A, B, and C priority tasks. Where does Online Marketing sit on your list? Is it a top priority or one of those things you know you really need to do but keep putting it off?
Maybe you asked a high school or college student to take care of it for you, because you just don’t think it’s all that important.

If your Online Marketing isn’t an ‘A’ priority you are making a big financial mistake. Social media has become a major part of today’s commercial and business landscape. Take a look at these facts.

• 73% of all online users now use one or more social media sites
• 87% of consumers trust a friends recommendation over a critic’s review
• A solid Online Marketing Strategy can start producing results in 3 months or less.

Online Marketing is more than just an advertising platform. It’s the new town square. If you use the online community correctly you can make relationships, promote your business, and increase your bottom line.

• Nurture relationships with friends and business connections.
• Expand your market reach.
• Pinpoint your focus and market to your most likely customers.
• Keep current with all your important contacts.

It’s time to put social marketing on your ‘A’ list so your business can reap the benefits.

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!