buzz-my-biz-logo-smallWhen small business people decide to engage an Atlanta SEO Expert like Buzz My Biz, we always get asked the question “how do you do it”? Believe it or not, the secret sauce is not a secret at all. It’s just about being honest and sticking to the point.

First, let me preface this “spillage of the guts” by saying we are talking about “on page SEO” rather than “off page SEO”. Think of “on Page SEO” as stuff we do to the website. “Off page SEO” refers to things like link building, social bookmarking, social media and the like.

First let’s examine the anatomy of a page. Most important is the page title. It should accurately reflect a unique subtopic of your subject matter. For example, if your subject matter is furniture, you may have a page devoted to kitchen furniture. You may also have pages devoted to subtopics of kitchen furniture such as tables and chairs. When you decide what the title of your page will be, it should be reflected in the <title> tag, the URL, the header tag (such as an <h1> or <h2> tag) and those keywords within your title should be used generously within your content.

One of the most important things which cannot be understated is when I used the term “unique subtopic”. Too many topics on a page is analogous to my wife discussing too many topics at once. I end up shutting down because I can’t keep pace. Google, in the same way, figures that you’re trying to rank for every keyword known to man and heads toward the O-F-F switch. It’s best, and this is hard won experience talking, stick to a single topic for each page and your chances of ranking for that page will be exponentially better.

If you need an Atlanta SEO Expert, give Buzz My Biz a call and we’ll see how we can get your website positioned better among your competitors.

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!