As mobile users continue to grow, it’s important for our customers (and potential customers) to understand what the definition of a website being “mobile ready” actually means. According to ComScore’s 2011 report titled “The 2010 Mobile Year in Review”, 36% of Americans reached the internet through a mobile device. With those kind of numbers, making your website mobile-friendly can no longer be ignored.

Some people think if you website is accessible via a mobile device then it must be “mobile ready”. Nothing could be more frustrating for mobile users. So what does a non-mobile website look like to a mobile user?


WOW (you say)! I know what you’re thinking… A) I couldn’t read that even with my special xray vision reading glasses. and B) no problem, I can always zoom in, right?

    photo2b    photo3

Now, how would you like to navigate a website like you’re holding a paper towel tube up to a 17” monitor. How long do you your potential customer is going to suffer through that?

So, what’s the answer? To provide a customized viewing experience for your mobile visitors. One challenge that you DO NOT want to deal with is to maintain two separate websites, one for mobile and one for desktop. The problem lies in that when you change or add content (which we recommend adding content twice a week) you have to do so in two places – essentially doubling your work. Our solution provides the same simple interface to make content changes in a single place and still provide a premium user experience regardless of their device.


This provides a single framed experience where the user can simply scroll through content at the flip of a finger. Mobile nirvana achieved.

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!