boost-conversionsIt starts with traffic, but not any traffic, because you want qualified traffic coming to your website. By “qualified”, I mean that they are genuinely interested in your product or service. Anyone can get generate hundred if not thousands of hits to your website, but if they aren’t coming for what you have to offer then you’ll end up with a very high bounce rate and zero qualified leads.

Therefore, traffic numbers are subjective. Often too much priority is placed on this single statistic when analyzing analytics. Traffic is simply one of the many metrics to be interpreted during an analytics review. Where the rubber meets the road though is how many actual conversions took place during the period of time which the analytics review covers.

A conversion is a term used to describe when a visitor converts into a lead or sale. This might simply be a visitor filling out a contact form requesting more information, scheduling a service call, calling a phone number, entering their email address in order to gain access to a white paper or it could be completing an actual transaction for your product. In a broader sense of the word, it’s when we obtain an identity with a visitor and find out who they are.

High conversion rates are a website’s “Holy Grail”. If we were going to judge the success of a website by a single statistic, this would be it. So, how do we obtain high conversion rates?

Many times we are so enthralled with the product or service we’re providing, we go on and on and don’t recognize when the visitor is ready to buy. Make it easy for them to convert by placing a clearly defined call to action on every page. The harder you make it for them to find a way to close the deal, the lower your conversion rate.

Incentivize them to take that action NOW! Most people, present company included, will delay an action if given the opportunity. If there is some reason for me to take advantage of a “special offer” that may be “only available for a limited time”, there is a greater chance of me converting.

Conversions are both a science and an art form. Buzz My Biz has been helping companies with conversion optimization since 2006 and we’re excited about helping your company!

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!