You’ve probably seen these barcode boxes around before and you might even know they’re associated with mobile devices. What you’re going to learn in this post is everything about them and how you can use them in your small business marketing efforts.

QR (Quick Response) codes were initially developed in Japan to help track inventory in an auto parts manufacturing facility. Today, with a little ingenuity, there is not much that QR codes can’t do. Most smartphones have scanner software pre-loaded on them that read the QR code using the smartphone’s camera. (For a complete list visit http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/)

The most common use of a QR Code is when used with print media (such as a flyer, poster, magazine ad or product box) so that the consumer can scan the QR Code and the browser on their mobile device is fed the URL pointing to a webpage containing more information on the promotion or product. This information can be anything consumable by the mobile device – an article, technical specifications, a video, or images.

Another interesting use of QR Codes is in a store locator app. Buzz My Biz  developed a store locator application for EcoDiscoveries which displays a QR Code in the search results. The user can then scan the QR code and a Google Maps URL is sent to the phone which then can starts the phone’s GPS application to take the user directly to the store. When viewed from a mobile device, the address is simply made a clickable link to the same URL.ecod-store-locator

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I hope you have been able to see some of the unique aspects of QR codes and what they may bring to your small business. In my next post, I’m going to discuss some things that a small business owners should think about when implementing QR codes into their mobile marketing strategy.

I’m ready to get my business buzzing!