For those of you who know me, I am an avid reader. While most of my book reading has gone from novels to business books, I am a daily newshound and peruse AJC, USA Today, Fox, CNN and even a local community newspaper each and every morning.

One thing that caught my eye that I truly enjoyed was the above titled article by Elizabeth Alterman with In this article speaks of the high unemployment rate and the general dissatisfaction that workers today are experiencing with corporate America. The result of this, is that many are choosing to start their own business and venture out on their own thus, taking responsibility for the their own destiny rather than leave that in the hands of their bosses.

Buzz My Biz provides SEO services and website development for many small businesses can be particularly effective when it comes to startupsentrepreneurs with a great idea and a little capital to get things going.

Many times, entrepreneurs will seek out a cheaper way to get their website built (we affectionately call this the “brother-in-law” method) and they end up less than impressed but continue to use the website for fear of offending a family member.

On the other end of the spectrum, some pay big bucks for a custom website design only to find out that they aren’t getting any traction whatsoever from their website. Now hear this – no one cares if you have a custom website! As long as you present a professional image it matters not if some one else across the country or across town is using the same template as you are.

What matters is content and CONTENT IS KING. It’s not easy, believe me I know because I find that I am committing resources much more to work on content for clients than work on our own content. Ever heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”?

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I’m ready to get my business buzzing!