Buzz My Biz turns YOU into a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT

Not really. The fact is, you already ARE a Subject Matter Expert. The problem is, no one knows it. Well, you might say “I don’t need to impress anyone”. And you couldn’t be more wrong. There IS someone you need to impress and her name is GOOGLE.

Think of the Internet as a library and Google is the librarian. Naturally, Google wants to give the absolute best recommendation possible. Therefore, Google must be very selective. Google wants to recommend a Subject Matter Expert – an authority on the topic.

What criteria does Google use to determine a Subject Matter Expert?

The algorithm Google uses to determine PageRank is a closely guarded secret which is constantly being changed and refined. Google is constantly trying to sort out the “good guys” from the “bad guys”. The “bad guys” use ” black hat SEO techniques (search engine optimization techniques considered unethical) in order to try to fool Google and give their website an inflated PageRank. The “good guys” (FYI, Buzz My Biz is one of the “good guys”) use industry acceptable practices called white hat SEO techniques.

Once Google determines that you are indeed a “good guy”, the Googlebot (an automated program which scans and indexes websites throughout the world) carefully examines your site to determine relevancy (whether your content truly matches the description of your page, the page title, header tags and more…) and grants additional weight to your website based on factors such as length of time your domain has been online, number of inbound links (links from other relevant sites indicating that your content has great value) and looks carefully at your internal links, words which are bolded and other factors of which we can only guess.

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