Best-Buy-LogoUnless you’ve been under a rock this week or have virtually zero interest in technology, you couldn’t help but hear the news about Apple’s recent product announcements. Interesting enough and typical for Apple, the new MacBook Pro has immediate availability – unless you want to buy them from Best Buy.

apple-logoWho dropped the ball? Best Buy for not demanding stock on the hottest item since the 3rd generation iPad ? Or the channel rep for Apple for not being aggressive enough to make sure their customer got inventory. I’ve never been one for placing blame but rather focusing on the solution.

Fear, I believe is the underlying factor. As small business owners, we should never be afraid. Granted there’s a fine line between fear and caution. I think there’s somethings to learn from this #fail of these two large companies and they lost their perspectives.

I remember when I went through my first simulated combat situation when I was in the Marine Corps. It was not a live fire drill but for a young Marine not too many months out of boot camp and never before in that environment it was terrifying. The “enemy” seemed like a overwhelming force that greatly outnumbered us. The strength of the M50 machine guns reverberated in my chest and the noise hurt my ears. The rockets and small arms fire would briefly light up the night and then return to darkness in the blink of an eye. I wound up in a small foxhole with a Master Gunnery Sergeant who had almost 30 years in the Marine Corps. I confessed, “I’m scared!” and replied “Good, that’ll keep you alive sometimes. Now, get up there and give ‘em hell!”. In that moment, I realized that probably all of the guys my age were scared and that’s exactly why they were conducting this exercise. That simulated battle seemed like it lasted 2 or 3 hours but it was only about 20 minutes. The “overwhelming” force that had attacked was a squad of recon rangers of about twelve. Spread out and moving their positions made it seem like there were a lot more. And, of course, this was just a drill and not actual combat but our casualty rate was estimated to be at 40%.

What does this have to do with small business websites? Don’t be afraid to ask your provider for what you need. Don’t be afraid to try something new on your website. Most of all – WORK IT and MAKE IT HAPPEN. At Buzz My Biz, we specialize in bringing unique strategies to your small business website. Call or click today and find out how we can help you take your small business website to the next level.