One of my favorite feeds is from SearchEngineLand and when I read Analyst: Mobile To Overtake PC For Local Search By 2015 I felt like all the work we do at Buzz My Biz educating our clients on the importance of having a mobile-enabled website was worth it.

What’s most important in this article is that it is centered around “local search”. Local search, is defined as “geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings.” (Source: Attention Small Business owners – they are talking about your core demographic searching for your products and services!


Making your website mobile-friendly is something we feel so strongly about we include it in every website we deliver. Some companies will try to sell you a companion website to compliment your “desktop” website. We caution companies against this. Ideally, you’re going to be updating content on your website twice a week. If you are doing it, you’re paying someone else to do it. Do you want to double your/their workload?

When mobile-enabling your website there are several things to consider.

  1. Forget flash. It pains me to say that as I have been developing flash websites as a flex developer for years but unless you’re in a totally closed environment like a company intranet, it’s no longer the right solution. Period.
  2. Reduce image sizes. While 4G connections continue to proliferate especially in Metro Atlanta, many areas in South Georgia still only offer 3G speeds and some places are more prone to less. It’s just nice to be cautious and when sizing images, choose the one which most closely matches the actual area size you are trying to fit an image in rather than using large image sizes. You’ll find that reducing images in Photoshop or your favorites image editing software, will come out substantially better than allowing WordPress to “crunch” it down.
  3. When placing video online, we use YouTube as our video host and rather than using the normal embed code we use a short IFRAME tag which allows the video to play easily on any mobile device including iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

if you’re ready for an upgrade or are working toward a new website, consider hiring a firm like Buzz My Biz that is expert in providing not only web design and development services but also search engine optimization and has experience in building websites that are mobile-ready.

I’m ready for a mobile small business website!