Our happiness comes from the quality of our relationships... and it's no difference in business.
Our happiness comes from the quality of our relationships… and it’s no different in business.

Become a member of my tribe

In human society, we are part of a community. Our family, our job, our friends from school or church – these all are groups in which we network and exchange information about ourselves and others.

Today, much of our socializing can be done online. It was estimated in April 2010 that 41% of Americans had a Facebook account and Facebook was receiving almost 140 million unique visits each month (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook)

When it comes to seeking advice on providers of a product or service, we tend to trust the advice of our friends and family first. In the past, we may have consulted a small number of trusted friends. Today, through the use of social media, we can ask advice from our entire network of friends and family. In return, our friends and family ask nothing except maybe the same in return some day. WOW! It’s a marketer’s dream!

How do you get your company’s name, products and/or services in the loop? Simple – be a friend. Treat your customers well. Provide information that gives them an insight into the technology behind what your company does. Get them to join your tribe.

The quality of our relationships is directly proportional to our happiness. The stronger our relationships our with our customers, the tighter our bond is and the less likely that customer will go elsewhere for the products and/or services your company provides. By focusing on relationship marketing rather than “pitching” your product or service, you gain more than a customer – you gain a friend.

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