Where did your Yellow Pages end up?

This information comes as no surprise. The use of the Yellow Pages by consumers is declining. (Source: Google)

In the meantime, consumers are rapidly turning to the Internet to find companies providing the products or services they are looking for. (Pew Internet Research Center)

How do I get my company found on Google?

Simple. Provide relevant content which provides value to the reader.

  • Don’t beat them over the head with company information.
  • Don’t force-feed them a bunch of product information.

Give them relevant information and they will keep coming back for more. Even more important, others will link to your site for this same content.

Google places a high priority on:

  • Relevancy – you provide content consistent with your page titles, headers and keywords.
  • Inbound links – when others believe you provide valuable content, it helps Google believe that your content is valuable.
  • Fresh content – Google would love for you to continuously update your website. By doing so, this demonstrates that you are full committed to your subject matter.
  • Time – The longer your website has been online and active, the more Google love you get. This, obviously, is something you cannot change. You have to compete with websites which have been online as long or longer than your own. What you can change is when your domain expires. Google views this as your level of commitment and gives you extra points if you have renewed your domain for a longer period of time.

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