Us – we’re in this together. Sometimes, it really seems like it’s us against technology.

We get it. As “user-friendly” as technology has become, sometimes you just need some help. Someone you can call. Someone who can help. That’s us.

Visit our scheduling page: Pick a time convenient for you and give us a little information about your problem. You’ll have a choice of a phone call or a Zoom video conference with a US-based support technician qualified to handle your problem.

While we can never guarantee the outcome of a call, within 15 minutes, most calls end in one of the following scenarios:

  • We can solve your problem and you go away with joy and you want to tell everyone about how great we are!
  • Your problem may need more time to resolve. You can either choose to continue with the current technician or terminate that call and get a call from a Tier 2 support technician. Don’t worry, it’s the same charge. Still, very happy to give us rave reviews.
  • Occasionally, we’ll come across problems that our technicians are unable to solve or require hands-on support. In that case, you will receive the complete transcript of our call and give you some next steps to resolve more complicated issues. Not so happy, but father along than you were before and still willing to spread the word about what a great service we provide.

We Support: